Songs of the Year – No. 1

Criminally neglected album in my view – there didn’t seem to be anywhere near the love shown to it as it deserved.  Definitely my most listened to track of the year and the rest of the songs on the album weren’t far behind.  A future classic anyway.

Jim O’Rourke – Friends with Benefits


Songs of the Year – No. 2

Can’t think of another band doing this kind of dark, experimental but melodic stuff.  Amazing song and suitably odd video.

Scattered Clouds – Enchanteresse

Songs of the Year – No. 5

Chastity – Manning Hill

Not sure what I can add from my original review – it’s got a fantastic mix of discordant guitars and gorgeous dark melodies and is a prime example of how there are some incredible songs out there that don’t get the publicity they deserve.

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