Vast Robot Armies – 5 minute interview

Vast Robot Armies

Rules are: Artists have to try to reply to as many of these questions as possible in 5 minutes – They’re busy people! Skipping any they don’t like is fine.  Cheating is impossible to prove, so I ask nicely for them to try not to!

Their 5 minutes begins after the mandatory “who’s in the band” question!

Who plays what on “Goodnight Myopia” and where are you at this moment?

  • I (Jason Thomson) play almost everything on the record. My friend Eric Abert (From the Life & Times) plays bass on 5 of the songs, and Allen (Epley, also The Life & Times) sang on one of the songs. I am in Toronto (Canada), at my day job (not doing it).

Your 5 mins starts now!

1.     Are you the most musical member of your family? If not who is?

·        I think so, yes. Though definitely not the most artistic.

2.     Which band first made you want to be in a band?

·        It’s a toss-up between The Cure or Foreigner (I was 11)

3.     What decade of music is most represented in your digital / CD collection?

·        That’s tough. Again, a toss-up between very familiar 70’s (Zep, Supertramp, ELO, Beatles) and then a lot of 90’s – 00’s indie stuff (Fugazi, Shiner, Jawbox, Failure, Drive Like Jehu)

4.                 Is there a band / artist that general consensus says you have to love (Beatles / Radiohead etc.) that you just don’t get / actively dislike(!)?

·        Yes. The Doors. Why is that a thing?

5.     Have iTunes / Spotify etc. had a positive or negative impact on your earnings as an artist?

·        Honestly, neither at this point. iTunes I suppose (to a minimal degree). The best has been (by far) Bandcamp. I have the record available there for “Name Your Price – No Minimum” and in all honesty, people’s generosity is (and has been) unbelievable.

6.     Have you got a favourite small live music venue?

·        Around town (Toronto) The Horseshoe Tavern (that’s really the main spot for medium sized out of town acts)

7.     How much time do you spend every day rehearsing / writing / recording?

·        Rehearsing not as much as I used to. Being a “one-man” band (at this point) requires less, or it’s different in that it tends to be more about writing and recording. In regards to those 2, at least 2 hours every day (usually more). I have an iPad that I travel with to work, and on the subway I will often be writing new material (6 songs into the next record).

8.     If you could have written a song by any other artist, which song would it be and why?

·        There are 2. My Last Hostage (by The Life and Times) & Mr BlueSkies (ELO)

9.     Please recommend me an emerging band from Toronto I should listen to.

·        That’s easy; Dearly Beloved. 2 good friends of mine – Rob Higgins and Niva Chow’s band. They are fantastic and doing a lot of overseas touring. A must see when they are in town. Best live act around, hands down.

10.                Pointless last question – Marvin the Paranoid Android or R2D2?

·        Marvin. R2D2 seemed too know-it-all for my tastes, there would have been problems there. Marvin, one could manipulate.

Thanks to Jason for his extremely well thought out (given the time frame) responses. Glad he went with Marvin – I’m all for Star Wars, but Douglas Adams is in another league!  You really should download the Vast Robot Armies album here.


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