Honeymilk – 5 Minute Interview


Rules are: Artists have to try to reply to as many of these questions as possible in 5 minutes – They’re busy people! Skipping any they don’t like is fine.  Cheating is impossible to prove, so I ask nicely for them to try not to!

Their 5 minutes begins after the mandatory “who’s in the band” question!

Who plays what and where are you at this moment?

·        I (Nikki) play guitar, Marcus does acoustic guitar and vocals, Albin play bass and Erik bangs the drums. I’m (Nikki) actually at work, taking a quick break.

Your 5 mins starts now!

1.     Can you remember the name of the first song you wrote?

The first song we wrote together as a group I believe was a rather heavy grooving thing, cant remember if we ever got a name for it, but it’ll be released sometime in the future.

2.     What instruments if any did you learn at school?

I (Nikki) first started playing drums, then I got over to guitar and flute.

3.     How much time do you spend every day rehearsing / writing / recording?

I pretty much play guitar every day, and I’d say we rehearse together about 2 times a week, sometimes more sometimes less.

4.     What 3 words would you pick to describe your recent UK tour?

Sweaty, Ecstatic, Loud.

5.     If you could co-opt any musician / artist as a band member for a month, who would it be and why?

I’d bring in Ty Segall to lay down some fuzzy guitars together with me.

6.     How do you generally discover new music – Radio, blogs, friend’s recommendations?

Music magazines, internet, word of mouth, etc.

7.     Can you support yourself from the income from your music or do you have day jobs?

No no no, we all have day jobs or study.

8.     Desert Island Discs – you can take one album onto the island, what would it be and why?

Forever Changes by Love, one of my favourite albums so diverse and a brilliant sound for it’s time. It has influenced me immensely.

9.     Please recommend me an emerging band from Stockholm we should be listening to.

The band Let’s Say We Did play a kind of Lo-Fi powerpop, they’re great!
Also, Les Big Byrd. They’ve recently toured with Brian Jonestown Massacre and have a great sound.

10.       Pointless last question – Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Henrik Larsson?

Henrik Larsson, he seems a bit more sympathetic.

Thanks to Nikki for taking the time to answer the questions.  Off to give Let’s Say We Did and Les Big Byrd a listen – make sure to check out the new Honeymilk ep + video released v. soon.


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