Songs of the Year – No. 5

Chastity – Manning Hill

Not sure what I can add from my original review – it’s got a fantastic mix of discordant guitars and gorgeous dark melodies and is a prime example of how there are some incredible songs out there that don’t get the publicity they deserve.

Support the band and buy it here:


Kate Tempest – Europe is Lost

I’ll be doing a top 5 (or ten) of the year, but this is my last review for the foreseeable future – got to focus on my own new music!

Thanks for reading over the past few years.

I’m ending with a fantastic song!

Protest songs aren’t dead. Too many spot on lyrics here to mention. Some might argue it’s a futile exercise, simply highlighting what many already believe, but it’s also a rallying call to stand against our current culture that values things over people. Listen…


Thanks to BBC 6 Music