PRS event in Leeds tomorrow evening

Sounds interesting – maybe see you there?

“As part of a nationwide road show, PRS for Music is hosting an industry panel event featuring a Q&A with key industry speakers followed by a networking event as part of the reception.

If you’re a singer,producer, manager or just a fan and a trip to Leeds sounds like fun; then join us for what will be an insightful afternoon. Learn about the industry and chat to those running it, with drinks included!


Panel 1 – The Business of Music – ‘P.A.Y for D.I.Y’ – This panel will be discussing topics such as the importance of locking down your business, understanding and protecting your rights and the various ways making music can make an income.
Ruth Kilpatrick (PRS Foundation)
Dan Jones (PRSfM)
Anthony Layiwola (Base’N’Rebulz Entertainment)
Pete Bott (Swan Turton Solicitors)
6.30pm – 7.45pm 
Panel 2 – The Business of Music – ‘Beats, Meets and Tour Sheets’ – panelists, drawn from across the music industry, will be sharing on what they actually do, how they got their roles, who else is on the team, what kind of money can be earned, what skills are needed and how you can best go about carving out your own career in the music industry.
Tony Morely (Leaf Records)
Matt Long (Canal Mills/The Garden Party Festival)
Miz DeShannon (Leeds College of Music)
Mike Hale (MOBO’s)
Followed by networking drinks!”


No More Kings – They’re Coming to Get You Barbara

How great is this?  The story of Barbara from the original zombie epic ‘Night of the Living Dead’ told in a Simon & Garfunkel / Crowded House style. Brilliant melody, spot on lyrics; funny but touching. From an album called “Songs for the Undead”, which I’ll now be checking out! (Cheers Steve)

Roberto dell’Era – il Motivo di SIMA

No this isn’t a new song (it’s from a 2011 album Colonna Sonora Originale) and disclaimer, I know Roberto.  However that doesn’t stop this being an incredible song that conveys an emotional message without having to speak a word of Italian. He’s got a new album out soon and if the songs are half as good as this, it’s a no-brainer purchase.

Ryan Adams fanboy stuff

As regular readers will have noted, I’m a little infatuated with Ryan’s music.  Just so happens that it’s not just his songwriting skills that are incredible – his interpretations of other artists songs are always worth a listen.  Hopefully his Taylor Swift cover album will introduce him to plenty more fans.  Few deserve success more…

There goes August

August was a washout review wise, I’ve been mixing new songs, making videos for new songs and holidaying.  Hopefully September will hold some incredible new music.  In the meantime, listen to this incredible old music by Husker Du. Never bettered.

This week’s playlist

Had a break from reviewing over the last week – but here’s what I’ve been listening to:

– Amazing song from my album of the year so far.

– Difficult to avoid this as my whole family have this album on repeat.

– The perfect late night song.

As always, let me know what’s new on your music player of choice…

Scaramanga Six – The Terrifying Dream

Those music lovers who are lucky enough to live in Yorkshire surely already know the Scaras.  Everyone else –  catch up! This is their 8th album and it contains the particularly great “Arabella” and a plethora of other storming tracks (Citadel and The Outsider are fine examples).  They are a truly independent band who’ve been doing it themselves for 20 years! It’d be remiss of me not to encourage you to support them here.