November Songs of the Month

Recording new songs myself has played havoc with my reviewing over the last month, but there were two fantastic songs that kept buzzing round my brain:


October Songs of the Month

After a “holiday” week spent helping to install a new kitchen, I’ve missed a few daily posts, but here are the songs that have stood out on my playlist.  Three exceptional tunes this month.

April Songs of the Month

Another incredible set of songs this month and I didn’t have to spend as long as usual digging through the chaff to find it.

Ok, it isn’t necessarily the best time for bands to be financially rewarded as they might previously have been, but it’s an amazing time to be a music fan! Bands now have the opportunity and equipment to create interesting songs, forging their own identity without having to conform to corporate A&R templates.  Here are my three favourites from this month – but go back through the other songs from the last few weeks – there are some exceptional ones…